Coloradans shouldn’t fret when companies like Amazon want to make Colorado their home. We have made major investments in the last 20 years to expand our public transportation system, build a globally renowned international airport, and nurture a thriving education system. We are ready for Amazon, and any one else that wants to make Colorado home.

But it is moments like these that we must realize that while investments like FasTracks were long overdue when we began them, it is now time to double down on much needed infrastructure investments to accommodate a population boom that has been largely ignored by our state legislature.

Amazon will be the first of many companies that we will entice with our boundless natural wonders, outdoors lifestyle and healthy economy. It is now, while we have the momentum that we must invest in ideas like Hyperloop One, and expand our intrastate transportation networks. We must make the investments now if Colorado is ever going to be carbon neutral by 2030. Our roads, highways, and critical infrastructure need major investments as they crumble across our state. We must make the investments and pass the legislation needed to make sure Colorado is leading the way on ideas like automated automobiles, green energy, and mass transit.

The American Society of Civil Engineers warns that Colorado needs $7.1 BILLION in infrastructure spending on our roads, bridges, dams, water systems, energy grids, schools and transit systems. That doesn’t include our MANDATORY needs for innovative future technologies in transportation.

Now is the time to make these investments. Before we attract the best, brightest, and most successful businesses to Colorado. Amazon would indeed be lucky to have us. But we must now lay the groundwork to make sure Colorado can handle any venture that is thrown our way. If you’ve taken a drive up the I-70 Corridor or across the central stretch of I-25, you know we have a long way to go.


Let’s not pretend we don’t have challenges ahead. We must not be afraid to face them. It is time for Colorado to lead this country, and we need a strong foundation to build our future…

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