The Issues

Amendments Y & Z

“Robert Rodriguez does not support amendments Y & Z because he is one of the political insiders that benefit from gerrymandering. I say it’s time to end the corruption in our government.”

End the For Profit Criminal Justice System

“My opponent profits off the criminal justice system for a living. I want to end a system of imprisonment that is biased against African Americans and Latinos, and criminalizes the poor.”


I was born in Denver in 1991. Since then Colorado has changed A LOT. We have built an airport, a train system, a baseball stadium, became a major economic juggernaut, and attracted over 2.5 million new neighbors. In all of this time we have trusted two major parties to look after and guide us. Have you ever stopped to ask, “With all of this growth, who has Colorado been changing for?”
Every day it gets harder for working people to live our lives. Our incomes stay flat as the cost of living skyrockets, our healthcare costs more and covers less, and we struggle to find meaningful jobs in a changed economy. It’s clear now more than ever that our two major parties have guided us here, not to benefit us, but to benefit their donors and the corporations they represent.
My generation must be the generation of equity if we want to leave this world stronger than when we found it. To do that we must refresh our government. Our leaders are out of touch with the needs of a 21st century economy. The average Coloradan is 34-years-old, yet the average state senator is 58. While our wages stay flat, we struggle to afford a changing Colorado, our teachers protest in the streets for a livable wage; and our leaders “help” by accepting record PAC contributions and giving our democracy away to the wealthy. Working Colorado families have to realize that not everything is as great as they say it is. If we’re not at the table then we’re on the menu.

Now is the time for fresh faces and bold ideas. It’s time to fight for a state that working people can afford to live in, that invests in our crumbling infrastructure and pays our teachers. To make sure that we achieve this honestly, I promise to have the courage to NEVER take a dime from any special interest, good or bad. Only when our leaders reject all outside influence can we regain control of our democracy and stop the distribution of wealth from the many to the few.

Native Motives… Millennial Mindset.

I am asking for your vote to be your State Senator from District 32 because I have more passion, energy, and clarity then any other candidate in this election. It is my life’s goal to build a foundation for Colorado that will stand strong for my grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Over the last 20 years I have watched my home state’s infrastructure crumble, our campaign finance system rot to the core, and our cost of living skyrocket. My generation must be the generation to clean up this mess before it is too late.

I’m an activist, a University of Colorado graduate, I’ve protested, I’ve worked for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, I’ve hit the pavement for what I believe in. But the reason to elect me now is because we are in uncertain times, and only those that reject corruption and have the courage to stand up for the middle class belong in this office. The only thing clear is partisan, establishment politicians from both parties have neglected our infrastructure, corrupted our campaign finance system, and are now letting the growth in Colorado spiral out of control.