Our state government should not be doing the drudgery of the Federal government. For starters, we don’t have the funds. More importantly, tasking state officials with enforcing federal priorities will sour their relationship with our communities and make all of us less safe. The inhumane deportation machine must be dismantled by ending deportation programs that tear family apart, closing down private detention centers, and offering humane treatment and asylum to victims of violence and minors fleeing from dangerous circumstances. The thought that hard working immigrants in our community are afraid to call 911 and get the help they need when a crime has been committed against them, or when they need serious medical care our of fear of deportation, to me, is one of the biggest failures of our previous generation of leadership. We look back on this as we have the trail of tears or Japanese internment camps. America is a country of immigrants. No hardworking member of our community should feel afraid to get the help they need, period. Without our immigrant working class, this economy would simply cease to function as a whole. I promise that the very first bill I introduce into the legislature will be to make Colorado a sanctuary state and refocus our law enforcement officials’ priorities from enforcing federal laws, to fighting real dangerous crime in our communities.