As a Millennial, I’ve realized both parties have lost touch with reality. Today in so many elections from our choice of Presidential candidate, right down to this state senate race; I see party boss’s exerting influences, making back room deals, controlling the process, and leaving out the Voters. These practices must stop. It is never anyone’s “TURN” in a Democracy. Establishment partly leaders making backroom deals to elect their cronies must stop. We need fresh faces and bold ideas to bring democracy back to life. We must end the practice of coronating candidates who believe it’s “their turn.” We must speak up when we see elected officials and party members using illegal or immoral means to promote, or suppress, certain candidates. And most importantly we must remind both parties once again that we are a country of ideas, not of candidates. Our collective ideas are what matter, and I am running to bring the two party system back from the edge, away from the path or corruption, and into the hands of the people once more.