Our population is booming and our cost of living is soaring. With a skyrocketing real estate market, harmful construction defects laws, low housing supply, and increasing population comes the threat of our neighbors being forced from their homes.COMBINE ALL OF THAT¬†with congested transportation systems and increased infrastructure costs and we have a serious problem. Right now the average person pays $600 more a year in car repairs due to the state of our roads and bridges. If you’re a member of the middle class like I am, those are costs you simply cannot afford. To combat the increase in the cost of living we must:


  • Repeal the 1980 ban on rent control measures in Colorado.
  • Broker a bipartisan, omnibus bill to further reform our construction defect laws and lure credible, trusted developers to begin building in Colorado again. The piecemeal approach to solving this problem is a day late and a dollar short.
  • Generate new public/private real estate development projects at the state level to build good affordable housing that emphasizes mixing all incomes and walks of life in the same communities.
  • Invest in our infrastructure to increase the speed of production and lower transportation, energy, and utility costs for businesses and citizens while stimulating the economy with good paying, blue collar jobs.