Colorado is currently experiencing the biggest population boom of my lifetime. More and more people are flooding into our state seeking a new way of life in a thriving economy. We owe every Coloradan, new or native, a safe and well maintained infrastructure system. Our roads, bridges, rail lines, airports, and vital infrastructure need an injection of resources to maintain and grow our state at the rate of population growth. Our state needs over $7 Billion in infrastructure investments just to bring everything to safe and functioning levels. Colorado’s unemployment rate is the lowest in the country. We must index the gas tax to inflation and generate new revenues to invest into a broken, disgraceful infrastructure system. We must Build a new high speed rail system. Be the first in the country to erect a Hyperloop line. And most importantly we must fix our roads and highways Now is the time to make the investments that are necessary to stabilize our current growth into long-term quality of life improvements that will last a generation.