I don’t need to tell you that women in Colorado are paid 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. Frankly, I can’t believe this is still an issue in our society, but it is, and it’s time to end it.

My idea to fix this problem is simple: the state of Colorado should provide a voluntary equal pay auditing service. Colorado companies should voluntarily sign up to have the government audit the salaries of their male and female employees. If the company currently pays equally to men and women in the same positions based on criteria that we set, they will receive a State of Colorado Certified Equal Pay Employer designation. If companies fail this audit, they will be able to raise the salaries of the employees being unfairly paid and at that point receive their certification. If a company chooses to skip the auditing process there will be no penalty. Hopefully Colorado women will think twice about working for an employer that purposely foregoes the auditing process. This is a simple process that will not force employers to do anything they don’t elect to do, but it WILL provide women a tool to know which employers truly value the work that they do. The time has come to settle this issue once and for all. I will not accept a world where my future daughters and granddaughters still encounter this problem in Colorado.