Today I am proud to say that I have received the Moms Demand Action endorsement. They have chosen to support my race because we have some similar opinions about guns in Colorado. I have made a point in this campaign to talk about how no civilian needs an automatic weapon. I stand by that idea today more than ever. Moms Demand Action and I also have some similar stances.

We believe together in:

  • Keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers –  Enacting laws to prohibit gun possession by convicted domestic abusers and abusers under active restraining orders, and ensuring that there is a clear process in place for abusers who become prohibited from having firearms to turn in the guns they already possess. In addition, closing the “boyfriend loophole” to ensure that all domestic abusers are prohibited from having guns, whether or not they have been married to their victims, and ensuring that convicted stalkers are prohibited from having guns.
  • Promoting Responsible Gun Storage and Ownership –  Emphasizing common-sense gun ownership, including securing all guns in one’s home and vehicles, modeling responsible behavior around guns, asking about the presence of unsecured guns in other homes, recognizing the risks of teen suicide and encouraging one’s peers to responsibly store and secure their firearms.
  • Stopping Permitless Carry – The gun lobby’s top state legislative priority, “Permitless Carry” bills seek to dismantle a state’s concealed carry permit requirement and let people carry concealed handguns in public with no permit, no criminal record check, and no safety training.