I have entered my bid for Colorado State Senate District 32 as the youngest candidate in Colorado, and I can’t be more excited about being apart of the youth movement going on in this country right now. Across America right now we are seeing children  and young people rise up to say #enoughisenough on gun control. I stand with these kids and young people all across Colorado that are sick of platitudes from Ivy league, vanilla politicians. Millennials want real results, and we aren’t going to wait any longer.

Gun control, however, is not the only issue related to our kids igniting right now in America. We are seeing our teachers from coast to coast stand up and say they NEED more investment and priority from their governments if our children are going to get the care and attention that they need in our education system.

I say hell yes to all of this. Yes to minimizing the number of military grade weapons in our society that are killing our children and putting our entire country on edge. Yes to paying our teachers more money and investing in our educational infrastructure that we have neglected for too long. No matter what issue the youth of this state and this country take up, I stand with them.

And most importantly I say YES to electing young people to serve in our legislature. I am 26-years-old. I am by far the youngest candidate for the legislature in Colorado and the ONLY potential representative under the age of 30.

Citizens under 30 years old DESERVE representation in our legislature whose average age is 57 years old. Obviously we have a lot to say, and this election cycle Colorado is going to see the youth in this state rise up and leave their mark on our political process.


Stand With me. It is time for Millennials in office. It is time for Millennial leadership to start guiding this ship.