As I learn more about the recent sexual harassment claims that are swarming around the establishment of the Colorado Democratic Party and the state capitol, I find myself very concerned.

When I am elected, I plan to elect vibrant women, and men, of all creeds, races, and affiliations to my office. And to protect them I must be confident that there is a sexual harassment policy with teeth that has ability to investigate and properly handle harassment claims. When elected, I will make sure that a complete review of the sexual harassment policy at the legislature is conducted. Simply making sexual harassment training more frequent will not adequately protect women and men who are vulnerable at the Capitol. 

As we think of ways to better investigate and proceed with sexual harassment at the Capitol, we need to then think of ways to protect all Coloradans from Sexual misconduct in the workplace. It is time to discuss if there should be a dedicated office within the office of the Attorney General to investigate sexual harassment in all workplace settings for all vulnerable Coloradans. And it is time we begin punishing companies that mishandle sexual harassment claims and it’s about time we protect our citizens from this obviously rampant behavior.


The page has turned on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. It is time for Colorado to lead the charge in reforming work place protections.